Autoblogging for Affiliate Profits

If you use WordPress, you’ll know what a powerful tool it is for not only building websites and maintaining them but also for getting excellent rankings in the search engines. This alone makes it hugely popular with affiliate marketers all over the world.

But, there’s a trick to really making them hum. You have to update them with new content at least 3 – 5 times a week.

Because the WordPress software pings the search engines when a new post is added, you can literally train Google to come at your beck and call. I’ve mentioned previously how we can get a post to show in less than 7 minutes in Google’s search results. This was after submitting one post a day, 5 days a week for 6 weeks.

Try getting Google to respond like that with a plain old HTML website when you add a new page! Yes, adding an RSS feed will help but it’s hard to beat a WordPress site.

While it’s important to write your own content, using articles from outsource writers and Private Label
Rights (PLR) content will also work well to help your WordPress site increase its traffic.

Getting others to write for you leverages your time and it actually costs a lot less than most people think. Once you find a good writer you can pay around $3 an article when you buy in bulk. In my case, that also means a native English speaking writer.

So you save time by using writers or PLR but how do you get 100 articles into your website without spending hours of your time? One way that you speed up the addition of your content is by using auto blogging software.

Auto Blogging

So what is auto blogging? Basically it means setting up your blog content so that it automatically runs itself. In some cases it can also mean that you use someone else’s content, just like many of the major news sites, to build your website.

The software goes and gets your content, auto posts it and sequences it into your blog at the press of a button. This is perfect for adding your PLR content or prewritten articles. You can leverage your time by setting up the next 6 months of posts in less than 5 minutes.

Of course, you can always add extra content of your own. I suggest setting up specific subcategories like News, Articles, General to auto blog into. By doing this, when you write indepth content for readers, you post it into the categories that are set to show up in the main menu of your site. You can keep your auto blogging content categories for drawing SEO targeted visitors from the search engines.

Auto Blogging Tools

I’ve tried a range of auto blogging tools including both plugins and desktop software. The one that I particularly like is called Auto Blogging Software (ABS). The name says it all doesn’t it! It’s a desktop program for Windows or you can run it via Parallels or VMware on Mac.

ABS will work with both and WordPress ( or Hosted WordPress blogs) and is constantly being upgraded to work with other platforms. Joomla is in the works presently.

All you need to do is add your blog’s URL and logins and ABS will take care of the heavy lifting for you.

A Range Of Alternative Content Feed Sources

Aside from your own content, you can also add content from a variety of sources including RSS feeds, eZine Articles, Amazon and Clickbank.

Auto Blogging Software can read the feeds and use this content to post on your blog. Even if the feeds are partial or if just a part of the full content is available on the original website, ABS can visit the website and grab the full content for you.

To make the content posted on your blog as unique as possible, it can also translate the grabbed text, more than once if required, before posting.

ABS can also post link back to the original websites if you set it to, so you’re safe from copyright problems. This feature can be activated on individual feeds so different feeds can have different settings. If you use content from other people, it is always important to reference them. Not only is it ethical, you don’t want people assuming that the article is your point of view. We’ve all seen the disclaimers on TV and in magazines about it not necessarily being the views of the management.

Auto Blogging Software can also clean up the html content by removing AdSense code, scripts and every other unwanted element from the source feed content. The software can post images locally on your blog so if the original source changes, your site continues to appear the same to the search engines as well as human readers.

So How Easy Is Auto Blogging Software To Use?

It’s really quite simple to use the software. I found that I intuitively knew how to work it which is a sign of a good user interface. There’s nothing better than well-designed software, especially when you have used some of the poorly coded software that you can find online today. Sometimes there are reasons why it’s free.

Setting Up A New Blog In ABS

Step 1: Choose to add a WordPress Blog or a blog.

Step 2: Once you have chosen WordPress, enter the Blog URL. E.g.

Step 3: Enter a name to identify your Blog e.g. bushfire blog 1

Step 4: Type in the user name and password of any admin or author account. You must enable XML RPC remote publishing protocols on your blog so that ABS can post.

Step 5: Choose the minimum and maximum time between posts so that the software can choose a random posting interval. E.g. 30 minutes to 300 minutes.

Step 6: Press the Check and Add Blog button. The software will then check if the settings are correct and prompt you if any change is required. If all is good, ABS will add the blog to its list.

Importing Your PLR Articles

In the case of PLR articles, ABS will go to the folder you choose, read, upload and sequence the text files inside for you. This makes it perfect if you have sets of articles written by an outsourcer.

As I hire writers, I love this feature because I can just auto load 100 articles into a blog and set them to post every 3 days. This means that I don’t have to worry about the regular posting of search engine content for almost one whole year. I’m then free to work on improving my sales page and conversions.

Using Content From Ezine Articles

Auto Blogging Software can search for content in online article directories such as eZine Articles based on the keywords you provide. You just need to add the new feed, list your keywords and what category you want to post into and the software will go and find articles for you. You can then chose to post and sequence all or only some which allows you to choose the articles that best fit your website’s focus.

How Does Using PLR And Outsourcer Written Content Promote Your Affiliate Product For You?

As the aim of adding this content is to draw search engine traffic, you need to set up your page so that it draws people’s eyes and mouse to the product you’re promoting. You might use an email capture popup, a form or banner ad inserted into the page above the content, sidebar ads or a timed redirection to bring people to the product sales page.

affiliate marketing

As increasing your targeted traffic is important to selling more products, increasing the amount of related content on your WordPress site is important. I like to think of it as creating a net of related pages that capture organic rankings and traffic from the search engines. The more keyword targeted article pages I add, the wider the net.

The main point to remember here is that all of the content should be written using your main keywords and other long tail keywords. Random content never works as well as a set of articles that have the same keywords in the title.

So Why Use Autoblogging?

It’s really quite simple. Auto blogging can save you hours and hours of work. You can quickly take content and build a blog that will look after itself for years leaving you to perfect the sales process and develop other traffic building methods.

If you wish to use other people’s content from article directories, you can. If you want to use your own content, you can do that too. Which ever you choose, you should consider what you are trying to achieve and what audience you are trying to attract.

There are a lot of websites which are basically spam made up of random content from other websites. If you want to build a quality affiliate business, you need to ensure that you use quality content to support and help your readers.

I love the power of autoblogging and the way it can free up my time, allowing me to leverage the skills of quality writers and keep the traffic flowing to my websites on an ongoing basis.

What’s Your Next Step?

Grab a copy of Auto Blogging Software or try the free demo, click here now.

September 28, 2010

Comments (14)

Said this on September 30, 2010 At 12:01 pm
This very good. I am going to try and let you know.
Said this on September 30, 2010 At 06:10 pm
When you review software it would be helpful if you could point out if the application is a stand alone application or if it is running on the authors servers. I find the latter to be troublesome as most of them die in a short period of time. So you never really recoup your investment and take a financial risk based on how popular the application becomes. I will no longer throw money at applications that are hosted because I've had too many bad experiences over time.

I do appreciate the fact that your reviews always use the software and are not just fluff to pitch a product.
Said this on September 30, 2010 At 07:40 pm
Looks like this covers a lot of bases - my own plr articles, ezine and other article directories.

Can it post without publishing thus allowing me to approve each blog post? I have used other tools that don't allow this and with my massive content distribution for each post it really hurts to have to remove posts.

Thanks for the great article...
Said this on September 30, 2010 At 08:53 pm
Hi Michael,

Yes, it can publish that way because it sequences the posts based upon time. It doesn't post them as published.

You can also see each article before it gets uploaded. This allows you to tick it for upload or not. I think I quickly showed this in the video but not to any depth.

Thanks :-)

Said this on September 30, 2010 At 08:58 pm
Hi Mate,

If you read the review, you will see that I clearly state "The one that I particularly like is called Auto Blogging Software (ABS). The name says it all doesn
Said this on September 30, 2010 At 11:18 pm

Hi Brad,

Setting up auto content is only one part of the whole game plan. What about the remaining - traffic, link building, etc

Search engine traffic is not going to come just because you have content on your website. So what's the point? Your subtitle says "year's traffic building in 5 minutes"

How can you get search engine traffic in 5 minutes?

Said this on October 7, 2010 At 11:09 pm
Hi Sammy,

You're absolutely correct. It is only part of a traffic plan. But, if you use focused keyworded articles, I have seen it bring a continued stream of traffic without having to do other work.

Plus... it was a headline...

Brad ;-)
Said this on October 14, 2010 At 11:13 am

Hi Sammy,

You're absolutely correct. It is only part of a traffic plan. But, if you use focused keyworded articles, I have seen it bring a continued stream of traffic without having to do other work.

Plus... it was a headline... [Editor's Note: I've deleted that sub-heading.]

Brad ;-

Said this on October 14, 2010 At 11:13 am
Setting up auto content is only one part of the whole game plan. What about the remaining - traffic, link building, etc

Search engine traffic is not going to come just because you have content on your website. So what's the point? Your subtitle says "year's traffic building in 5 minutes"
Said this on December 22, 2010 At 09:10 am
The Post content is quite impressive and auto blogging definitely a factor to consider in terms of SEO ranking. However, "Traffic Building in 5 minutes" is totally off point subtitle here!

But all and all I would rate 7 out of 10 points for this post :)
Said this on January 6, 2011 At 02:39 am
Sorry that you exploit your writers though. How is $3 an article fair to a skilled writer?
Said this on January 6, 2011 At 07:18 am
No exploitation.

I put in my task, people put their price on it and I hire who I feel will do the best job. I pay a range of different prices depending on what people want.

I have had writers from USA to India and sometimes they ask less per article for bulk projects.

Thanks for your comments :-)
Said this on March 4, 2011 At 03:46 am
I'm new here and also new in affiliate marketing. I've read a lot about AM for the last 5 days and I must say I really enjoy reading all your articles. Couple of questions here regarding auto blogging hope someone can help with the answer.

Is auto blogging = plagiarism?
What if the actual writer discover his/her posts been used. Any infringement of web etiquette?

Hope I'm not asking stupid questions. :(
Said this on December 17, 2011 At 09:36 pm

to be honest, I never really thought of taking auto blogging seriously. However, I did know that auto blogging can bring you wonderful traffic from the search engines, if you play your cards right with content. Of course, you'll have to add your own unique content in order to keep staying relevant in search engine results pages. If anyone else has experience with auto blogging, I'd love to hear from you :-)

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