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Associate Programs Newsletter #405

Drumroll! Ta-da! Announcing...

A new writing service set up just for readers. This is just for you, dear reader.

It's a place where you get original articles written specially for you.

As you know, unique articles are the lifeblood of affiliate websites and blogs. Search engines like sites that are updated frequently, so you need a steady supply of fresh articles.


  * Maybe you're not keen on writing
  * You don't have time to write all the articles you need
  * You're super efficient and want to delegate this stuff.

Whatever category you're in, you need a healthy supply of unique articles to provide fodder for the search engines, for submitting to other sites so you can get PageRank-boosting links to your site, and for press releases.

You could try hiring writers from places like Elance and Rentacoder. Been there, done that, and it can work well. However, if you've tried it, you know how time-consuming and frustrating it can be, testing new writers, training them and weeding out the unsuitable ones.

If you're lucky enough to find a really good writer, they tend to write a few articles and then say, "Sorry, I've just got a full-time job," or something like that. Been there, seen that.

PLR (private label content) articles are another alternative. They can be very useful, too, especially if you have the talent to quickly rewrite them in your own words to make them unique. However, most affiliates don't want to spend time doing that.

Here's our solution to the problem...

In collaboration with affiliate coach Dan Ho, we're announcing a new writing service, Content Kingdom - - whose writers will write original, unique articles for you.

Dan and his business partner David Bloom are already experienced at providing such a service, so you can be assured you're dealing with professionals. They're also highly successful affiliates who know exactly what affiliates need.

They run Mosaic Internet Success, which trains affiliates mainly in article writing. A couple of months after they started Mosaic they began to get requests from students for articles.

"Well actually it started with students getting burned by freelance writers: not being able to negotiate a good price, not being able to know if the article was decent quality and that keyword density was being used well, and so on," Dan says.
So they created an inhouse writing service.

"My partners and I sourced the freelance writers ourselves. We trained them. Then, when students wanted articles written, we would open the writing service every few days until we were full from the demand, then temporarily close it off. Then we'd farm those articles out to the freelance writers, who would write them, send them back to us. Then my partners and I would review the articles to make sure they were good quality and send them on to the students who paid for them.
"The writing service over the past few months has grown into a big hit and even though I repeatedly tell our students that they should be writing at least 50% of their own articles to get good at it and to save money, many of our students use the service consistently."

Dan says he's not a huge fan of PLR sites, although he does see their value.

"But for me personally, I can write content from scratch faster than I can re-write a PLR article, and I also never liked the fact that in many PLR sites, many of the articles you receive will never be useable since you personally won't be involved in those niches."
He had a big "Ah-ha" moment when he saw that one of the article directories,, was providing a writing service "exactly like our own".

"They had a team of freelance writers who wrote articles based on whatever the person wanted. Only problem is that their rates were astronomical! They were asking $40 per article with discounts the more articles someone purchased. The cheapest advertised rate was $25 per article if you purchased 11 articles or more.
"So this got me thinking. The one thing people need more than anything else in all Internet marketing is simply good content. I thought why not expand the writing service outside our students?"

So that's what Dan and David have done.
Pricing is $11 for each 400 to 700 word article, which is very competitive. Most people pay those rates or higher even when finding their own freelancers, and Content Kingdom removes that headache and hassle.
"The service works very simply," Dan says. "We have a newsletter where people sign up free. Every time we open the service, we send out an email/newsletter saying we are open. When we reach capacity for that round, we send out another newsletter saying we're closed for the cycle. Then we service those people until we can reopen it again. So, there are no subscription fees or fees of any kind except when you actually order articles for whatever niche you are in. When you order articles, you provide the keywords you want articles written on."
Sign up here...

Here's a recap of how it all works:
1) At that page, you'll see a simple free newsletter. There are no upfront fees, or ongoing fees of any kind. The page explains how the service works. People pay only for what they get.
2) The price is a competitive $11 an article standard pricing; and $14 per article for speedy service turnaround. The turnaround timeframes are explained on the site.

3) These rates are very competitive and are akin what people would pay if they had to go through the hassle of finding and training their own writers.

Dan says that originally, he and David thought they'd charge 10 bucks for standard turnaround articles, but they decided to pay their writers a bit more in an attempt to build more loyalty with them so they will stay long term.
"It's our belief that we will establish some very good long-term relationships with people who will come back again and again to order articles for a long time. This is exactly what has happened with the writing service we use to service the Mosaic Internet Success students."

Here's what I recommend...

Try a small test. Order a few articles in different niches and test the quality of Content Kingdom articles. See if they satisfy your standards.

When you try the service, I recommend you start with easy topics. Gradually increase the difficulty until you find the level where you're still happy with the quality of the articles being produced. 

I've known Dan for several years and have worked with him for about a year. The articles I've seen should satisfy most affiliates.

If you're a super-perfectionist you'll do a little editing, add your own facts and personality to the articles. If you just want to get the job done quickly and generate revenue, you'll probably use the articles the way they are.

You should receive excellent value. We're in this for the long haul and we want you to be happy with the articles you receive.

Please let me know what you think of our new service. I'm looking forward to receiving your feedback.

Sign up here and save a lot of article writing time...

[UPDATE 2013: Our article writing service is still going strongly, producing useful, original articles for affiliates. Give it a try. It will save you time.]


Thought for today: Writing

"I try to leave out the parts that people skip." - Elmore Leonard.


All the best

Allan Gardyne

January 29, 2009

Comments (13)

Said this on January 31, 2009 At 01:44 pm
I have a website called How can your service help me get this website out there and making me money? They have me going to to write articles for other website owners and then post them to to get the hyperlink to my website. What a pain in the neck for only $5 per article.

Can you help me here??


[You can buy original articles from our writing service,, and use the articles on your site, or for press releases, or to publish on other sites, such as For more ideas, read my free report, "77 Ways to Get Traffic", which is free to all subscribers of the Associate Programs Newsletter. The sign-up link is on every page of this site. Allan.]
Said this on March 17, 2009 At 01:48 am
I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.
Said this on March 18, 2009 At 11:13 am
It's really hard to find a good article writing service, you guys seems like seriou about this . I'll give it a try for couple of article tasks.
Said this on March 30, 2009 At 09:16 pm
hi, looks like an excellent service. im in the process of putting together a site and having a profesional do the writing for you makes things a lot easier, especially if you are not a gifted writer like myself.
will definitely be using this service!!
Said this on May 29, 2009 At 04:33 pm
I am looking forward to giving this article writing service a go for my Glutathione Network Marketing project to improve health and arrest aging. I'm truly excited that I will not have to agonize over the content I wish to include. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Said this on June 2, 2009 At 06:03 am
Looks like you may have a good thing going here and I will definitely try it out. Thanks
Said this on July 8, 2009 At 03:39 pm
yup really interesting stuff i also would like to try it. thanks for sharing

Jinadu Olusegun
Said this on February 26, 2013 At 08:05 am

Let know what it takes to join

Said this on February 26, 2013 At 03:09 pm
It doesn't cost anything to join. You pay only for the articles you want, when you want them.
Said this on March 7, 2013 At 02:33 pm

Just to let you know I've been a customer for years and the quality and value are still very good.

Said this on March 7, 2013 At 02:58 pm

Hi Todd, Thanks! It's always nice to get positive feedback.

Donald V Dunham
Said this on April 4, 2013 At 06:50 am

Content Kingdom has been around for years.

Said this on April 4, 2013 At 04:40 pm
Hi Donald, Yes, that's right. It has been going strong since January, 2009.

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