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Associate Programs Newsletter #499

Thanks to last week's newsletter, I have discovered a winning headline!

It got a lot more views than some of my previous ones. Funnily enough, it was very close to the wording of one of those "classic" headlines.
I suspect there is something to A/B testing after all...
BTW next week's newsletter will be our 500th! That's a long time online.


     1. Your Niche Profit Classroom Questions Answered
     2. My Week - Game Changing Technology
     3. Thought for Today - Questions
     4. Cool Site - FormXP

1) Your Niche Profit Classroom Questions Answered

In response to the large number of questions I got to last week's review of our Niche Profit Classroom sites and their results, I've answered some of your questions.

I've tried to summarize sets of related questions by choosing just one so I can answer a few people at once.

For your answers… click here now

2. My Week - Game Changing Technology

I've thought a lot this week about game changing technology. One example is the iPad. I'm sure everyone has one by now and it's all old hat but just think about what this device has done.

It's brought us apps.. 10 billion of them to be exact, it has spawned the Android pads and a plethora of competitors, ebooks have become much more popular with selling more ebooks than real books this past Christmas and now iApps are on the desktop of Macs everywhere.

Not bad for something considered a "gimmick" by many :-)

3) Thought for Today - Questions

"To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science." - Albert Einstein.

4) Cool Site - FormXP

Ever wanted to do multi-step forms?

Till next week,

Brad Hauck

February 9, 2011

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