Affiliate turns his life around

I met Dan Ho back in 2005 on Allan Gardyne's forum. I wasn't Dan's student back then, however. We were both profiled in an ebook together called Niche Site confessions.

I started off using the Site Build It tools to make content web sites and realized how easy it was to make money using Google AdSense. From there, I got into the game of mass producing web sites and throwing AdSense on them, thinking I had the perfect system.

Life was easy back then. I was pulling in $300+ daily and at the age of 20 I felt that I was really on top of life. I was financially, mentally and physically on top. Anyhow, I got busy with life, fell in love, but then things started to go wrong.

My fiancee and I were having major personal problems and on top of that, our spending became out of control. Then, disaster struck, and all of my web sites were gone - thrown out of the search engines, traffic died up, income gone. 10k a month went to pretty much zero and a bucket load of debt. It was a really tough time for me.

I didn't think things could get much worse, but they did. My fiancee walked out and left me and I got kicked out of our flat because I couldn't pay the bills any more. In my mind, I had gone from a winner to the biggest disaster on earth.

It's weird, just like success, disaster can also snowball if you can't get a hold of yourself and your emotions. To me, controlling your emotions means everything now, especially when it comes to making money online.

Well, I was on my knees, living in a rusty old caravan with a little old laptop. I remembered Dan Ho from the book we were in together and thought I would email him to see how he was doing. Turns out, he was still on top of his game.

Different approach

Now so you know, Dan wasn't into AdSense. In fact, his system was completely different and a whole lot smarter. He would make sales with lifetime income programs by submitting articles to article directories and pointing those articles to strong presells that were promoting lifetime income affiliate programs.

Not only had Dan maintained his success, he was also growing like crazy. I knew I had to start picking his brains and I really needed a mentor and someone to look up to at that point in my life.

I would bug him over email for advice long before his current training service existed. He began teaching me via email the system he now has a membership service for, so that is a true testament that the system of using a high volumes of articles targeting low competition keywords has truly stood the test of time.

Mentor via email

Dan must have got sick of me, because I would always keep asking stuff over and over to get every nugget of wisdom I could. He basically became my online mentor via email. I was his affiliate for a company called Xtend-Life Natural Products when I was in dire times.

Xtend-Life is a great company and I am now passionate about them, but back then, the commissions they paid just weren't enough to get me out of my large financial mess. I knew this kind of program would take time to build up as you needed a customer base to start seeing the lifetime income benefits.

However, on the flip side of the coin, once you get a customer for that company, the customer is then tagged to you for life. Meaning, you earn recurring income potential for each and every customer. If a customer buys again, you get full credit every time they order. However, that concept hadn't really sunk in with me because I was so used to getting one-time sales and easy money by getting clicks on adverts.

So I took Dan's system, which he now has a membership service for called Affiliate Article Writers, and applied it to promoting ebooks and other high paying health niches. I have hair loss products pulling in $500 to $1000 a week depending on the article traffic of that month. I also have the same kind of income for a series of acne products.

I was literally writing 50 articles a day in a crummy caravan, freezing cold and was also promoting ebooks as an affiliate, such as weight lifting and weight loss.

Eventually, thanks to Dan and his advice, I was back on my feet and my debts were coming down. The new me was born with a stronger character and I felt I was leaving that old mess behind. Now, I wanted to be completely private, living life as I see fit. I still do and I am only telling people this story as a testament to Dan, his systems, and his ongoing advice.

Dan has a tremendous amount of passion for what he does, he lives it and it shows in his service, Affiliate Article Writers. I am also a member there and have been from the start. I try to spur on the newcomers to help get them going and have made several motivating posts in the private forum.

Lifetime income programs

It's an excellent setup that teaches people to make money over time promoting strong lifetime income affiliate programs that offer far more stability than AdSense. The service is constantly evolving too and they have just recently done a complete re-vamp making it much more user friendly.

Recently, they also developed videos for the products the affiliates in the service promote. I use their skincare presell and implemented their new video and a few hours later, I made a sale for the skincare products. It's pretty exciting stuff.

On top of the videos, they have tools for creating strong headlines and a strong summary for the articles you write - very user friendly stuff. You get ongoing training calls, an evolving forum, and everything you need to make sales as an affiliate all in one place.

There are no complications after you have been through all the training material; it's simple: get this, do that, get sales. Dan and the team have done a good job with it and I can vouch for that since I am a member too.

Remember, making money online doesn't wait for you. You have to go out there and get it. However, you need a system that works. Once you have that, you can rinse and repeat the same system on a multitude of products until you are diversified.

The main program in the service that most promote is Xtend-Life Natural Products. They promote Aquasana too, which sells water filtration systems.

It is easier to sell something if you have a bit of passion for it. If you train people how to write articles for you, this passion will also come through there, too.

$100 a day from one program

My current Xtend Life income averages about $100 a day. However, recently it has started growing by $200 to $500 a month. So I expect to be hitting near 10k a month within 12 months and that's with only one program.

I haven't been on Allan Gardyne's forum for a long time but I am going to go back on there and talk about affiliate marketing and help out when I can.

Allan's insights and help over the years have made affiliates like Dan Ho who he is today and it's like an ongoing cycle of good karma because Dan has gone on to make other affiliates like myself successful too.

John Gibb

[Editor's note: One of the programs that John mentions, Xtend-Life, has taken the affiliate sign-up form off their website. Affiliates can join only by special invitation and are manually approved. One good way to get access to this lifetime commissions program is by getting in Dan's Affiliate Article Writers system. Getting in Dan's system also provides tightly focused training for the Xtend-Life program and others that pay recurring commissions.]

July 8, 2009

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Comments (5)

Said this on July 9, 2009 At 07:06 pm
"I was literally writing 50 articles a day"

Assuming a solid 12 hours of work a day, that's one article every 14.4 minutes by my reckoning.

You've gotta love this stuff.
Said this on August 10, 2009 At 07:55 pm
Who is John Gibb? Is he a real person? Or this is an article written by somebody just to promote Dan Ho's system? OR maybe the same Dan introducing his product with a free article "I was literally writing 50 articles a day"... only an idiot can believe something like this. Please, get a life!
Said this on August 10, 2009 At 09:56 pm
Hi Dasel,

Normaly I'm a level-headed person, but I have to be honest. I'm not really a fan of cynics. Skeptics I can take. Cynics, not so much.

Luckily for my training service, we do have some "idiots," as you refer to them.

One of them, in fact, joined us through Johnny Gibb's recently published story because rather than consider himself an idiot, he found John's story inspirational in Allan's newsletter.

That student is now fast becoming one of our best article marketers in short order.

In fact, EzineArticles is currently running a 100 articles in a 100 days challenge. (Called HAHD for short.)

This student who found John's story inspiring completed that challenge within a couple of days and was one of the top 3 people out of everyone participating in the challenge (and out of approximately 191,000 expert authors at EZA) to finish it.

That student also tweeted he had finished #HAHD on the thread EzineArticles set up. If he was lying about it, I'm pretty confident EZA would have disputed that claim.

Also, he makes consistent sales in our system, which I can verify myself.

Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself. That person also has a running diary in our private training forum documenting his article marketing efforts. Some of those posts include his revealing that he has produced upwards of 50 articles per day.

I'm not saying that's a volume everyone can sustain day after day after day -- this member included -- but some people have talents and systemized ways of doing things.

In addition, yours truly -- that would be me -- has also completed the 100 articles in a 100 days challenge within 3 days of starting it.

Granted, it took another couple of days for all of my articles to be approved and go live at EZA, but you can do the math on the volume I was submitting for those 3 days. Not quite 50 per day, but pretty significant, nonetheless.

EzineArticles has retweeted some of my video blog posts on this. You can visit my twitter account if you so choose:

Scroll through some of my updates over the last few days if you are familiar with how twitter works. You'll see a lot of recent tweets I've made on the EzineArticle's challenge. You'll also see tweets with the other students who finished in a couple of days on the #HAHD thread.

Moreover, if you follow the #HAHD thread on twitter, you will see video blog posts I made and EzineArticle's retweeting my latest video blog post (which I posted today) on how I completed the challenge so quickly (I did use some freelance writers but not everyone does. Some people write much more quickly than I do.)

In conclusion, I assure you Johnny Gibb -- and some other very high producing students like him -- are very much real people. If you don't want to believe that, well, that's your choice.

I have alerted John to this thread and he may wish to respond on his own volition.

Dan Ho
John Gibb
Said this on August 11, 2009 At 06:19 am
Hi Dasel,

Yes I am a real person and 50 articles a day at 350 - 400 words is what I did, and is something I could do again. I was profiled in a book years ago called niche site confessions, so it is not like I am new to making money online. However, I literally built this up from nothing using what Dan teaches over email.

I still have a lot of the emails from Dan in my client saved. He is an online friend; mentor and anyone who has signed up for the service can see my posts in that service too as Johnny G. Any of the current members will tell you I am a real person that gets real results using the system Dan teaches.

This is not my website and I also respect Allan and what he has done here, so for those reasons I don
Said this on September 27, 2011 At 09:45 pm

50 articles a day seems hard to achieve. Although I love writing, I still find it hard to finish 50 articles with 350-400 words per day. That's a thumbs up for you! Anyway, I'm satisfied with my current affiliate program where I really earn. We have health supplements and skin care products.

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