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Tim Schroeder's new affiliate marketing manual, Affiliate Outline, is unusual because he has written it for both beginners and experienced affiliates.

Tim, who owns forum and also has a number of affiliate-driven websites, has been earning a nice living through affiliate marketing for many years.

If you're feeling overwhelmed and suffering from affiliate marketing information overload, Affiliate Outline will definitely appeal to you. In just 63 pages, Tim cuts through the clutter and gives very concise, clear information and tips.

One thing he doesn't tell you is how to build web pages. He assumes you already know this or are prepared to learn.

Topics he covers include: An introduction to affiliate programs and how they work, jargon explained simply, how to find the right affiliate programs, a review of useful affiliate resources, with a brief summary of each one, such as affiliate networks, affiliate directories, CPM networks, keyword research tools, PPC search networks, affiliate magazines, affiliate forums and affiliate blogs.

He gives concise, easy to understand tips on marketing your website, search engine optimization, buying and selling text links, submitting to web directories, which offers to choose, how to find a niche, how to use freelancers, protect your links, creating blogs, using long-tail keywords, AdWords, Squidoo, AdSense, iframes, press releases, creating email lists, negotiating higher commissions, and joint ventures.

He has the knack of explaining complex things simply. Every affiliate strategy he discusses is easy to understand.

If you're an experienced affiliate, you'll already know all or most of the affiliate strategies he covers. It was in the "Miscellaneous Tips", near the end of the book,  where it became really interesting for me.

PPC Arbitrage case study

For example, Tim presents a PPC Arbitrage case study in which he describes how he bought pay-per-click traffic cheaply from one source and earned significantly more by getting clicks on his AdSense ads. The whole experiment was set up very quickly.

He explains how he went about it, where he bought the traffic, the keyword tools he used, and shows you the web page he created for this ad campaign, which was done in January, 2007. He shows you exactly how much he spent and how much profit he generated. Even if you're already doing PPC arbitrage, make sure you read this fascinating case study.

If you love tracking and testing stuff and want to get into PPC arbitrage, it's worth getting the book just for this short section alone.

In a section called, "Buy Text Link Ads and Then Sell Them!", Tim reminds us that using affiliate programs is just one way to monetize a site. He has some useful ideas here, but I think he should have mentioned that Google has warned us that sites which sell text links may not pass on PageRank. I think the best way to buy or sell text links is to be subtle. Enough said about that.

Sneaky iframes

Tim's section on using iframes, which are a sort of page within a page, for affiliate marketing bothered me. To me, this technique is downright sneaky because the affiliate places a cookie on the visitor's computer when all the visitor has done is visit a page, NOT click on the affiliate link. Tim warns us that you need to read the terms of the affiliate program or affiliate network because some affiliate networks such as Commission Junction forbid this. Another networks which forbids this is ClickBank.

I believe that if you haven't got the click, you haven't earned the commission.

The section How to use reBlog as an affiliate marketing tool will also give you food for thought. This automated technique has a major benefit you may not have thought of.

Brilliant AdWords Site Targeting

One of the most innovative sections in the book is where Tim describes his ingenious use of AdWords Site Targeting. He used Site Targeting to buy ads on a marketing blog, aiming to make the ads so eye-catching that he'd receive many clicks. Tim's imaginative ads proved to be so eye-catching that readers commented on them, and the blog owner ended up writing about them and linking to Tim's site - wonderful free publicity. Be sure to read this section. I think it's brilliant. He shows you the ads he used.

Tim also gives you innovative tips on how to profit from the bonuses which come with his book.

If you want to do some detective work to discover the sites which earn Tim a six-figure income, that's simple. Just click on one of the links in his book and explore a little. You'll be able to discover a list of websites he owns and ones he used to own and has sold.

In summary, the 63-page Affiliate Outline is a concise, no-fluff, no-hype manual which covers all the main affiliate marketing topics, except website creation. It includes a short section for experienced affiliates. I've been marketing online for 11 years and I still learned valuable tips in that section.

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March 12, 2007

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