Affiliate networks list

One way to find good ideas for niche websites is by joining small affiliate networks or CPA networks and hunting for niches which don't have many competitors. [List updated 2013.]

Affiliate networks - often called CPA networks - are free to join.

They can be hard to find. They sometimes call themselves names like "marketing solutions provider", "pay-for-performance network", "cost-per-action advertising network", or even "performance-based online marketing services company".

Affiliate networks provide pay-per-lead (PPL), pay-per-sale (PPS), pay-per-action (PPA) - sometimes called cost per action (CPA) - and pay-per-click (PPC)  or cost per click (CPC) offers from merchants that you promote on your website or in your newsletter.

Some affiliate networks allow almost anyone to join. Others insist your site must receive a certain number of visitors.

Some let you see a directory of the merchants in the network before you join. Others show you their list of offers only after you join.

Some of the very small "affiliate networks" mainly just bundle up other affiliate networks' offers.

A large network offering thousands of products – pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-click programs. More than 2,500 merchants. It has a strong pro-affiliate attitude and despises parasites. Has lots of datafeeds. Founded 2000. Highly recommended.

The big 4 affiliate networks

Commission Junction
Probably the most popular affiliate network, Commission Junction also has its share of critics. Finding and joining an appropriate affiliate program is easy. CJ also makes things easy for affiliates by consolidating all payouts into one payment, as do all the main affiliate networks. It displays EPC (which to CJ rather oddly means "earnings per 100 clicks", not earnings per click). CJ is owned by ValueClick, which merged with Be Free. Founded 1998.

Rakuten LinkShare has more than 700 merchants in its affiliate network. Choose from categories such as books, music, flowers, fashion, computers, etc. You'll find some big name companies here, including J.C. Penney,, American Express and Avon Products. LinkShare is owned by Rakuten, which also owns the controversial OneCause toolbar. Founded 1996.

Offers a huge array - more than 50,000 - downloadable products, mainly ebooks. Because it is cheap and easy for merchants to join, the quality of the products provided varies enormously, from very good to downright awful. It's a popular place to search for overlooked niches. It has more than 100,000 active affiliates. Founded 1998.

Google Affiliate Network
Closing down!

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UPDATED: April 19, 2013
January 3, 2006

Comments (40)

Said this on November 6, 2006 At 09:35 pm
Check out ShareBucks Affiliate Network
Emil Paulsson
Said this on April 23, 2007 At 01:27 pm
And don?t miss Affiliate Network
Said this on April 24, 2007 At 07:10 am
Wow, I didn't know there were so many, geez. How long did it take you to find out about al of these. Sheesh :P

[Seems ridiculous, doesn't it? Sometimes I wonder if the people who are starting new affiliate networks have done research to find out how many already exist. Allan.]
Said this on June 11, 2007 At 06:54 am
Its great i never see such kind of network for affiliate
Said this on June 14, 2007 At 02:48 pm
Check out LinkTrust for powerful affiliate management and data validation/delivery tools incorporated into one system. It worked for our network.
Bambarbia Kirkudu
Said this on July 23, 2007 At 04:35 pm
Huge list, thanks!
Some offer "data feeds", I need to check what is it.
Looks like AdSense is not good for me; I have a lot of topics and I want to manage Ads shown, and quality (AdSense looks small ;((
Will be affiliate in a future. With FLEX-based widgets available to others.
Said this on July 26, 2007 At 07:57 am
Can you please make a list -- or at least clearly designate -- which of the major affiliate networks offer datafeeds? ShareASale seems to have lots of them, but others (such as LinkShare) don't offer them at all. Thanks.

[Thanks for the suggestion. I'll put that in my Good Ideas folder. LinkShare does provide data feeds. To find details do a search in Google for "data feeds"
Said this on August 9, 2007 At 04:49 am
Another Affiliate network, missed out in the list:
This network has over 2000 affiliates & quality merchants, besides a good track record in commission payments & revenue generation....
Do check out.......

[Thanks for the tip. Allan.]
Said this on November 4, 2007 At 07:03 pm
I'm beginning to figure out the Clickbank profit model, and I've made $32 this week through very low cost PPC.
Is there another affiliate site like clickbank that promotes informational products?

[A fairly new competitor of ClickBank is Allan.]
Said this on November 5, 2007 At 06:51 pm
Thanks Allan! Interesting how that site's organization/categorization of topics is almost exactly like CB's.
Said this on November 15, 2007 At 02:54 am
just wondering. what affiliates should i choose if i wanna query through there products? like i wanna look for a possible hit for the movie 300... or the game "AfterBurner"... something like this... coz i keywords that i wanna like to a specific products in a certain affeliate.. i already done this on amazon... and thinking of going to linkshare...

[I'm not sure I understand your question. Try asking it on our affiliate forum, where's there's more space for explanations. Allan.]
Ryan Santos
Said this on December 7, 2007 At 01:29 pm
Be sure to check out We are a pretty new network with over 300 offers. We have a low minimum monthly payout of $50 and a low weekly minimum payout of $1,000.
Said this on December 11, 2007 At 04:48 am
Nice notice for all! it comes with innovative affiliate network solutions providing advanced performance-based marketing solutions that help marketers increase online leads and sales. This includes maximizing performance for your ads and ensuring that our network is comprised of only the highest quality websites.
Said this on December 13, 2007 At 03:32 pm
Any other affiliates network with naked technology similar to Link connector?
thanks in advance.

[One is MerchantZoo. It calls what it does "link masking". The technique makes it look as though you are using straight links, not affiliate links. Allan.]
brendan smith
Said this on January 11, 2008 At 02:15 am
I think our affiliate network is worthy of being added to this and all directories. We have built a very intuitive web 2.0 interface that makes the entire process of pulling, sorting, running, and tracking offers much easier. We have over 200 active offers across numerous verticals and we are open to publisher feedback. So if we don
Daniel Frerichmann
Said this on March 19, 2008 At 10:15 am
If anybody is interested in German affiliate networks. Here is a short list:
adbutler -
affilinet -
belboon -
TradeDoubler -
vitrdao -
Webgains -
Zanox -

Further information about the German affiliate business:
Eric Chen
Said this on March 24, 2008 At 03:30 pm
The only ad network I have ever had success with was They are more of a site repping company, but if you can get in with them they are pretty solid. Customer support sucks, but they pay well.
John Allan
Said this on March 30, 2008 At 11:15 pm
Is there a list of Affiliate Networks that still accept incentive based sites? Thanks.

[Sorry. I don't know. This would be a good question to ask on our affiliate forum. Allan.]
Said this on April 1, 2008 At 02:11 pm
You should include to this list.
Said this on May 6, 2008 At 08:01 pm
Hi i am web hosting reseller i want to start an affialite program for my business can you please give me some informations how to start and wich program is the best
thank you

[You have lots of options. Have a look in the Advanced section. There's an article on how to start an affiliate program. Allan.]
Said this on May 7, 2008 At 04:19 pm
Check out IncentReward Affiliate Network. Top incentive offers with top payouts
Chris Denk
Said this on July 9, 2008 At 12:01 pm
That is a good list. I would be glad to work with any publisher looking to try Motive Interactives affiliate network Advent.

Here is a link to learn more about our affiliate network Advent.

Him me up on AIM @ motivechrisd if you have any questions.
gabriele muellenberg
Said this on August 15, 2008 At 10:50 am
Regarding comment #18 accepts incentive sites. I was just told so by them because, the term wasn't clear to me. You need different accounts for incentive and not incentive sites, though.
gabriele muellenberg
Said this on August 15, 2008 At 10:57 am
Does anybody have any experience with www. They seem to have quite a bit I could affiliate for because, the most interesting surfers for me are from UK.

[A good place to ask that question is on our affiliate forum. The link to it is at the top of the page. Allan.]
Said this on September 6, 2008 At 06:43 pm
Allan , I do not know how much money this guys of alstrasoft are giving you to place that add on this page but please take under consideration that they are ripping people off, once you pay them there is no mo after sale service and half of the staf they sale does not work!

[Thanks for the alert. We're no longer promoting that company. Allan.]
Said this on December 21, 2008 At 06:16 pm
Hi - did you ever make that list of affiliate networks that offer data feeds? I'm asking because we're within a few weeks of launching a service that publishes custom flyers from data feeds and other data sources -- We know the major ones of course, but I bet a number of the smaller ones do as well.

[Sorry. No. Allan.]
Said this on January 7, 2009 At 09:13 am
Thanks for the list, very useful!
Said this on February 4, 2009 At 06:58 pm

We would love to be include on your list of affiliate networks - we have a wide selection of real EXCLUSIVE offers with terrific payouts. Many of our offers are brand new to affiliate marketing and are converting very well - we will be going live with at least 2 new EXCLUSIVE campaigns every week this year. We currently have a small handful of publishers and are looking to expand our distribution. Please see our website at:
Said this on February 16, 2009 At 12:18 pm
Said this on April 7, 2009 At 01:59 pm
This is a great list and very complete, I am always amazed at how many people visit Associate Programs and never take the time to dig in and see what is really here.
Said this on August 20, 2009 At 01:23 pm
You guys may wanna try with Digit Revenue at

We have great payout campaigns with great support and fast payment
Said this on October 30, 2009 At 02:06 pm
PointClickTrack is a CPA Affiliate Network which caters to its publishers and merchants with the goal of maximum profitability of their online businesses. We welcome incentive publishers as we have built our custom tracking system and platform to produce quality traffic.

Here is a link to learn more about our affiliate network.

[Thanks. I'll add it to the list. Allan.]
Said this on April 23, 2010 At 07:19 pm
Thanks for the list!

ZoomRevenue is a CPA affiliate network which have more than 100 quality offers tracked in real time. unlike other affiliate networks, our system is custom built totally so we don't depend on unreliable hosted, better than other networks in many ways, and we pay high attention to the quality of our advertiser, as we all know that we won't get paid unless you get paid.

Here is a link to learn more about us.
Roger Bently
Said this on May 16, 2010 At 09:56 am
LOL dude you came back and checked a year later! This is hilarious! Hey Tim, newsflash, why don't you make your own list and share it here! LOLOL ... I can't believe you came back and asked.. dude.. come on.
Said this on May 31, 2012 At 03:44 am

I tried clickbank and hopefully this will work.

Check out my site <a href="">Diet Plans for Women</a>

Said this on August 24, 2012 At 09:53 am

personally I had very good results with the network

They have been really professional and have many campaigns to run. I had a site in Lithuania and i earned quite well with BigBank and Ferratum options :))


Said this on September 9, 2012 At 03:31 am

You should include to this list. Top incentive offers with top payouts

Said this on September 9, 2012 At 08:33 pm
Hi Gatis, Thanks. I've added it to the list.
Said this on March 7, 2013 At 07:11 pm

Just a note, I was an EWA affiliate.  They are closing their doors March 31st 2013.

Said this on March 8, 2013 At 04:19 pm

Thanks! I've deleted EWA.

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