Affiliate marketing with articles still works

Affiliate marketing has been used by millions of people around the globe to create reliable income. Some people, however, report that they can't make money this way because they use the wrong promotion techniques, spam forums and social networking sites or they just plain expect affiliate marketing to be an easy get-rich-quick scheme.

Affiliate marketing takes time and effort but it can be very rewarding.  The very best affiliate promotion technique that produces reliable results is providing content for web sites, newsletters, blogs and forums.

I've learned a few things during my years of using articles for affiliate marketing, and I'm going to share them with you! Below you'll find ten steps that will lead you to effective - and prosperous - affiliate marketing.

1. A well written and unbiased review of the affiliate product or a book on the same subject will always draw traffic to your site.  To be completely impartial list the negatives as well as the positive traits of the product you are reviewing.

2. Keywords, keywords, keywords.  Do your research first using your favorite tools and weave them into the title, body and by-line of the article.  Use basic search engine optimization techniques on each and every article.

3. Grab attention from readers immediately with a sizzling title by using a top 10 list, ask or answer a question or use a twist on a popular term. Create more than one title and test them by rotating them during the submission process.

4. Don't do too much affiliate marketing with articles - or too little. Consistency and moderation will always contribute to a profitable relationship with publishers.

5. Conventional wisdom focused on education as the method of article marketing for affiliate products but present day affiliates also use problem solving methods as well as encouraging interaction with readers.

6. Rewriting a title, article body, and byline part way through an affiliate marketing article is a common practice. This is a reliable technique for increasing publication rates, but it's time-consuming. Get some help with the rewriting if you need it.

7. You can offer original articles to publishers with large audiences interested in your topic or you can give permission for publishers to edit an article as long as the original byline survives intact and all links are "live."

8. Previously, affiliate marketers submitted articles to thousands of article directories. Now, knowledgeable affiliate marketers submit articles to the top ten directories because they can deliver more traffic to your website than a thousand lower-quality sources.

9. In the past, a submission list comprised article directories, newsgroups, e-zines, and individual web sites. Your new state-of-the-art submission list should also include social networking sites, niche topic sites, forums, news sites and blogs.

10. Always submit your articles published on other sites to your favorite social bookmarking sites and allow others to submit comments or feedback.  Respond to readers, if possible, offering clarification or more tips.

11. Finally, consider offering an original and exclusive article to sites that have very targeted audiences who will love your affiliate product.  A tightly focused audience of 500 will produce more sales than an audience of 100,000 untargeted leads.

So you can see that rumors of the "death" of affiliate marketing with articles are highly exaggerated, but it has changed.  Watch what the gurus of article marketing are doing and replicate their techniques whenever possible and you will always be on the cutting edge of affiliate marketing.

(c) 2008, Davis Virtual Assistance. Reprints welcomed so long as the article and byline are kept intact and all links are made live.

November 9, 2008

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