Affiliate marketing case study using SBI

[Editor's note: See the 2012 update at the end of the article.]

When I started thinking about building my first affiliate site with Site Build It! I was worried. The marketing hype surrounding Site Build It! and all its wonderful features sounded good but there was no proof that these features would help me make money.

In fact I was not entirely convinced that decent money could be made by affiliates who sold actual products rather than marketing ebooks.

Well, I'm pleased to say that if you do things properly there's plenty of money out there. Of course the first and biggest step in doing things properly is getting Site Build It!

Site Build It! has a comprehensive 300-page Action Guide [UPDATE: And now a Video Guide, too] that takes you through the process of building an affiliate site. I don't want to give you all the details that the manual does. I just want you to read my story and see that Site Build It! sites do work.

They're not hard to build. If I can manage to build a money making site part-time, you can too.

When you look at the task in front of you it can seem a bit daunting when you first start because of all the things you have to do before the pay checks start arriving. Please don't worry. Just remember all you want to do is build an interesting web site that people enjoy visiting. All your traffic and revenue will stem from there.

Read this case study and see that there is nothing special about me. I'm just a regular guy who doesn't know much about affiliate programs and even less about marketing.

OK to get you started here's a quick list of the steps needed to get a revenue generating site up and running. Of course each step requires a little thought on your part but thinking and strategizing are part of the fun. I have spent some fun hours with my brother discussing possible topics for affiliate sites and our plans to make millions : )

Here are all the steps you need to take to make money on the Internet with affiliate programs.

   1. Get Site Build It!

   2. Write a list of things you're interested in, for example computers, sports, music   etc.

   3. Use the Site Build It! research tools to find keywords that people will use to find your site in the search engines and choose your domain name. (for example,

   4. Look online for good affiliate programs related to your favorite topics.

   5. Decide on your site's theme or topic, depending on which topics look the most profitable.

   6. Write and then paste your articles into Site Build It! Site Build It! creates the web pages, puts them online.

   7. Now have a look on the Internet for an online store's affiliate program and put its product links on your site.

   8. Revise your site once you see which products your visitors are buying.

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December 12, 2002

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Comments (49)

Ralph Wilcox
Said this on December 31, 2006 At 10:52 pm

I have heard Site Build It is just a bunch of bunk..Get nVU instead, its free.

[I've not only heard of SBI, my assistants have tested it thoroughly and used it successfully for several years. That's why I recommend it. NVU is totally different - it's not a complete suite of tools for website research, brainstorming, building and marketing. Allan.]

Said this on July 1, 2012 At 10:01 am

SBI doesn't tell you how much it cost if you want to build as many afilliate websites you want. IT IS NOT one flat rate and can get rather expensive. XSitePro is by far hands down the best on the market.

Said this on July 1, 2012 At 07:08 pm

Hi Craig, I agree that if you want to build a large number of sites, SBI would be very expensive, because you pay for each site. If you want to build dozens of sites, XSitePro would be a good choice. Most SBI users seem to own one or two sites, while some have five or six.

SBI is much more than a site building and web hosting tool. I recommend it because of the superb business building education, as taught in colleges and universities around the world.

Said this on June 13, 2013 At 05:49 am

I try to make a website with sbi. A few years ago they said it was so easy even a 11 year old did it and was making a good was 299 at the time.i bought it and spend many hours trying to set it up.after a few months of feeling stupid I gave up.lost my money and the confidence of my wife. Every time I see site build it online, I break out in a cold sweat.and still feel stupid.

Sebastian Wick
Said this on January 20, 2007 At 10:22 am
Comparing SBI with the NVU-HTML editor is like comparing Microsoft with a $20 ebook on "How to code your own operating system on a personal computer". And "I have heard" is always a funny thing to say if you don't have a clue what you are talking about. I have heard that computers and the internet were dead but obviously I was wrong because I'm typing these letters on my keyboard. I don't blame stupidity but hawking with it.
Jason Willkomm
Said this on February 28, 2007 At 10:50 pm
I have been working with SBI websites for over 14 months now. I have just started my third site. I have to agree with the other two comments. I quit my job several months ago already and will never work for earned income again!
Said this on February 8, 2013 At 06:30 pm

It's great to hear comments like yours. Good going! I'm a new SBIer and have so far to go but i like when sbi works for someone. Keep going strong!

John P.
Said this on March 8, 2007 At 05:39 pm
SiteBuildIt?! Haha-ha, thanks for the laugh. You newbies kill me.

[SBI is very suitable for newbies, true, but if you think only newbies use SBI you're greatly mistaken. Read some of the documented, verifiable case studies here: . Allan.]
dani sadikin
Said this on March 17, 2007 At 12:14 am
Dear John,
If you can proof to us that you already have got MVP Award, just once is enough, from Uncle Gates, then we are just a puny newbies.

[I don't know who "John" is, but SBI user Marc Liron won the Most Valued Professional (MVP) Award from Microsoft in 2004. You can prove that yourself by using Google to do a site search of Allan.]
Said this on March 20, 2007 At 03:16 am

Hi. I'm totally new to this, and I already find it quite overwhelming. I have only used the internet for emails and just plain ol' surfin' the net. What is the fee per month to get a SBI website running? Do I need a domain name and/or hosting? Also I've heard about the 'cool little website.' Is this a similar product?

[SBI costs $299 a year, which includes the annual domain name registration and very reliable web hosting. You have to add your brains and motivation. You use the SBI tools and instruction manual to build your own unique site. You also receive a complete education on how to build a successful online business. Dave's Cool Little Website is entirely different. It supplies a ready made website, so it appeals to the lazy. The huge problem is that you end up with a website which is like thousands of other websites. How would people find YOUR site among thousands of similar sites? They wouldn't. For long-term success, it's hugely important that you build a site which is different from everyone else's. Allan.]

Narayan Ramos
Said this on April 5, 2007 At 03:32 am
I just want to say that I wish that there were kung fu affiliate programs! Hi, my name is Narayan and I'm also an SBI owner/SiteSell Affiliate who's only on his third day. I've been on this third day for what seems like an eternity, but alas, I'm about to start the fourth day. I'm just hoping that I'll be able to start making some sort of cash before my first year as an SBIer is done with. However, I agree with Allan; in order to achieve anything in this life one must apply a lot of "elbow-grease"! Well, I hope my elbows don't dry out before I start making money, is all.

Actually, I have to say that you, Allan, have truly inspired me; and I won't stop applying my "elbow-grease" until I achieve my desired objective! Godspeed, and oh yeah, when are you going to have affiliate chinese martial arts programs. Perhaps, I'm going to have to manifest this! Huh? Back to the drawing board!
Thanks for allowing me to express myself on your site.

[Stick with it. Niche sites really do work. For kung fu products, try this search in Google: "kung fu" +affiliate .
Said this on April 24, 2007 At 10:15 am
I would have read more, but the backbiting, insult hurling and reference to microsoft as some sort of admirable icon turned me off. Constructive commentary would have been much more suitable to the effort this guy put into making available this resource. You don't have to agree with it to be respectful.
Said this on April 25, 2007 At 06:41 am
hey why did u forget traffic hurrican which can build iooo pages with customisation u want from scrap.

[The above article is a case study. You can find a discussion on Traffic Hurricane on our affiliate forum. That would be a good place to discuss it. Allan.]
Said this on May 25, 2007 At 08:34 am
Most web "professionals" put down Site Build It because it does what they don't - Build a Web BUSINESS not a web Site. I have had at least 10 websites built for my offline business by web designers, none of which gave me a ROI. My first SBI site started producing income within 3 months of going live. As a business owner, I love SBI.
David Siembab
Said this on August 7, 2007 At 08:35 pm
Site build it and NVU are both junk if you want a real HTML editor go with HTML kit by chami it's free and is a lot less complicated than NVU plus you can edit any kind of programming with it it has numerous add-ons. Why would you pay for site build it or spend hours trying to figure out what and what not you can do with NVU when you can get HTML-kit for free

[SBI has many thousands of satisfied users. It's much more than site-building software - it's a package which includes training in how to create a successful business. That's why so many people choose it. Allan.]
Said this on August 17, 2007 At 08:38 am
Whoah ooo Very interesting and very full on. I`m a complete beginner site build it sounds do-able. I`m wanting to know if there is software in existance that will build a survey site/squeeze page for me, thats not too in your face or maybe even a I only dreaming???

[The best place to ask such questions is on our affiliate forum, which has lots of friendly, helpful members. Allan.]
Said this on August 24, 2007 At 05:54 pm
SBI works. I have tried many GRQ (Get rich quick) schemes on the internet, only to fail. SBI is not a GRQ, it takes time and dedication. But it works, and as the snowball starts rolling, the $$ comes in. As for the comment about Nvu, that person is obviously confused. Nvu is an HTML editor ... SBI is an all-emcompassing site building program including keyword research, site building tools, content building tools, monetization guides, and much more. I use Nvu to build some of my pages as it is compatible with SBI, but Nvu is a very small fish in the big pond of SBI. SBIers discover early on that this is for real, and the advice/help/support in the forums alone are worth the $300 a year that it costs to join. Want to see an example site? Visit me at
Said this on September 23, 2007 At 07:39 am
hi to all people here. im one who is also very interested in affiliate marketing and is constantly learning more about this subject. just like to find out if any people here knows if "site built it" can help me build a internet business if im base in singapore? and i had also read before stories about super affiliates. how they do and their giant earnings. can SBI! helps to achieve that as well? say a minimum 5-figure income monthly? thanks for reading this. -ryan-

[As a general rule, where you live doesn't matter. So living in Singapore shouldn't stop you. However, some vendors accept only U.S. affiliates. Once you've earned your first dollar or your first $100, you can use that knowledge to build more successful websites. Can YOU do it? I don't know. Between 3 figures a month and 5 figures a month, there's a HUGE difference in the level of skill and determination needed. SBI is an excellent place to start to give you a really good all round education on building a business online. Once you've earned your first $100, you'll have a much better idea of what you can achieve. Allan.]
Said this on January 6, 2008 At 03:31 pm
This may not be the proper location for this comment. Allan, I want to thank you a lot. I bought SBI after reading your test with Rupert. I had trouble at first due to a bit of ADD. Adult Disabling Distractions.

By my 6th month I had made almost $100. My goal was to make at least $500 in a month in my first year. My 12th month I made $940. My 23rd month I made over $3000 for the month. I have held down a full time job while building my SBI sites as a hobby.

My first site while still ugly is still working great.

Thanks again,

[Thanks. That's a wonderful example of how determination and persistence can pay off. Allan.]
Said this on February 10, 2008 At 08:19 am
Here's a comment for Ryan. I don't live in the USA, and have no problem with any of the affiliate programs or Clickbank because of this. You may not know this, but Ewen Chia is one of the most successful affiliates out there and he lives in Singapore. He's not the only successful affiliate from Singapore either. Just do it! That's the best advice there is.
Terry Beckham
Said this on February 18, 2008 At 06:55 pm
I joined the 5 Pillar Club back in '04, I think, but have never done anything with it... seemed a bit too complicated for me... I have been following SBI and Ken Evoy's efforts through the years, though.

I am determined to buy SBI, real soon, so you should get your commission from it. If you were me, what affiliate program would you start with? I have no experience with internet promotions, etc.... Would you be willing to help me along the way, once I buy SBI, to get my site working right? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. I am, at this very moment, printing out days one through five of the SBI Action guide.
Thanks, Allan,
Terry Beckham

[If even the block-by-block option in SBI is too complicated for you, perhaps your not suitable for affiliate marketing. Perhaps you're not determined enough to succeed. You'll have to make that decision. If you do get SBI, don't look for an an affiliate program to join. Look for a good topic you can write about or a market you can serve. I can't tell you what that is. It has to be something that suits YOU. Design your own business to suit your skills and interests. Re-read Ken's free Affiliate Masters Course. You can find it at the Beginners link at the top left of this page. It contains a really good section on choosing your niche. Feel free to ask any questions you like on our affiliate forum. I answer questions there most days. Apart from that, I can't give you individual help. I just abut killed myself in the past trying to help everyone who asked for help. I won't attempt that again. When you get SBI, you'll receive full access to the SBI private forum where SBI users ask questions and share tips. It's a fantastic resource. Allan.]
Said this on March 14, 2008 At 10:20 am
it seems SBI is very useful. Maybe I can have a try.
Said this on May 3, 2008 At 11:51 pm
My wife used SBI but canceled because the templates were not flexible enough for what she wanted to do. The menu only allows for large buttons which makes it difficult if you have a large site that demands a large menu. True, the information she received was excellent but it wasn't anything that you can't find in many other places on the web. The thing that bothered me is that they act like SBI is the only way to have a site come up well in the searches. For example, when she canceled it was as if she were leaving a cult or something. Their "Analysis It" tool (an SEO tool) is *WAY* too lenient on the percentage of keywords that it allows. Consider this famous SBI site that is used as an example by SBI; (the daughter's site of the owner of SBI). This site has a keyword density of 13.86% on the word Anguilla! Maybe google is letting her get away with this for now but who knows when google will crack down on this sort of keyword stuffing. SBI is *great* for beginners, but if you are experienced you can find other much less expensive ways to put up a site.

[The templates and block-building are just the first step, not something you need to stick with, and not something you need to even use, if you wish. They're just one option. If the templates didn't suit your wife's needs, she had the option of combining any other site-building tool, such as FrontPage or the free NVU or whatever, with SBI. Re your opinion of SEO methods versus Ken Evoy's, I'll back Ken any day. You need to remember that with the data he has access to from many thousands of SBI sites, he's in a unique position to know from analysing data what works and what doesn't. Yes, there are cheaper ways to build a site. What you get with SBI isn't just a site builder, it's an extremely valuable education. Allan.]
Said this on May 5, 2008 At 09:17 pm
I'm confused about the cost for Site Build It. I have seen $300 and I have seen $1500. Which one is it and if it's both what is the difference between the two?
Thank You!!

[Perhaps someone was telling you that all the tools that are included in the package are worth $1500. Allan.]
Said this on June 4, 2008 At 11:02 pm
I have to say that I was quite skeptical about SBI. I recently spent $2000 to get a professional website done. It is very well laid out and flashy but it just sits there in the middle of internet "space". I came across SBI and was hesitant. I ended up purchasing the course after making a reminder note in my blackberry to "cancel SBI subscription" on the 25th day after purchase. Well, guess what! After 3 months I was making $ adsense and it has increased every month since I purchased. I have since bought my second site for my brick and mortar business. It works!

Dont think so? check it out for yourself.

I am quickly approaching my goal of becoming top 2% of sites on the web and I won't stop until I do.
Mark Logan
Said this on June 8, 2008 At 04:02 pm
This SBI has all the right concepts... my 3 sites,, and all could have been built with this system. I only found out about SBI recently and researched, all their methods took me years to learn from many different places. I could have saved many hours and $ using SBI.
M. Logan
HCG's Mom
Said this on June 16, 2008 At 03:55 pm
I started my SBI site as a way to test the service. I wanted a site where I could add my own content without having to become an expert in Dreamweaver, HTML, etc.

During the previous year, I had shelled out over $2000 for design and hosting of a site I really didn't like (and was clunky), $3000 for someone who took off and didn't complete it properly, and nearly $10000 for someone who did a great job (but now I know it's not really any better than what I can do with SBI). I am still amazed that SBI only costs $299 a year. Once you get in and see what it does for you, you will see it's a bargain.

Anyway, I created a site with my horsecrazy 9-year old daughter just for fun. And fun it is! After some 5-6 months of work on it (part-time, evenings and weekends) we are getting an average of 380+ unique visitors per day from 30 countries. The SBI tools have allowed us to publish over 500 pages of content with the help of other girls who are horsecrazy. And my 9-year old goes in and edit and publish submissions! She is constantly checking her site stats, google adsense account, and coming up with more ideas to increase traffic.

I understand why webmasters aren't crazy about SBI. They may feel they are beyond that. But I wish they would understand their clients would be a lot happier if they built them SBI sites that clients could update without having to contact the webmaster, wait for them to change it, then write another check. (Oh, that's why.)

For anyone who wants to really focus on what makes a website work -- focused content, and getting raving fans who come back again and again, this is a really great way to go.

Oh, and Sydney is thrilled we are up to over $250 in adsense commissions. She's saving for a horse, of course.
Said this on June 21, 2008 At 05:43 am
The answer to "comment 20" is that you have the option of building your own SBI website for $299 or letting a SBI expert build you a 30 page web site for $1599. See
Fred Merlo
Said this on July 22, 2008 At 08:47 am
Hi from Down Under what I would like to know is, does SBI have a system similar to an autoresponder and can I build a list with it? I am a newbie in case you haven't noticed and proud of it! Have a Wonderful Day everyone!

[Yes to both questions. Allan.]
Said this on July 24, 2008 At 02:09 am
SBI! is an amazing program. I have had success with SBI! and am currently doing a full product review on my blog:
Glory Rose
Said this on July 27, 2008 At 10:14 am
Hmm seems to me that something is wrong when you build sites just to hawk click thus. Will the internet just become cable TV? A wasted resource that could have brought enlightenment. Why shouldn't real people with real products and services or hobbies rank high enough to be seen.

[Have a look at some of the many other case studies which have been written and you'll see that a LOT of SBI users are creating genuinely useful, valuable sites and getting a great deal of satisfaction out of doing so. Here are some examples:
Malika Duke
Said this on July 31, 2008 At 10:19 pm
I found this site as a link in the "Modeling 5 pillar Success" article in the affiliate back office.

As I'm known for, I read every comment before I commented myself to make sure I actually had value I could contribute.

I am a proud SBI owner! My site has only been live since Feb. 18th but my visitors are starting to snowball slowly but surely. I've noticed to more I learn and apply (of course) is the better I do.

I bought SBI as a total web-business newbie. I could tell from reading about the C>T>P>M process and the list of tools provided that I was getting a great deal. Even if it wasn't the cheapest or the best, I just needed something that would work!

And work is what SBI does. Personally I don't know what "insider" trading goes on between Ken Evoy and the search engines :-) but I am riding the wave of success.

I am actually an affiliate of a few other sitebuilder software companies but none of them give you a complete business building package like SBI so I only refer them when my clients just want a "mini" 3-5 page site.

Now that I know there is NO LIMIT to the look and feel using glossy HTML editors I'm even more excited to be apart of the whole community.

My favorite parts are the forums (INVALUABLE RESOURCE) and the Master Key Word and research tools.

See ya in the forums Allan !!
Kevin Randolph
Said this on August 20, 2008 At 03:12 pm
To Narayan Ramos [comment 7],
I know where you are coming from when you say you have been on step 3 for a long time! I am just one step ahead of you (step 4) which seems like I have been THERE forever as well. But guess what? This is normal! Any successful SBIer will tell you the same thing. Just do not stop working with SBI and on your site and success will be yours!

How can I make a statement like this and only on step four; Answer: I have failed many times trying to start an online business, but never have I seen a concept like Site Build It! A newbies' dream coming true!! A am actually a little behind because I actually bought SBI with gas money I was supposed to be using to find a job. Then I had to stop working on my site to concentrate on securing a job. Now I am back working on my first SBI site! So hang in there!!
Celina 2006
Said this on September 4, 2008 At 11:45 pm
I have been researching SBI for the last 48 hours. I see it's more of an affiliate builder. I am interested in building sites that I invision. It looks nothing like the examples of already SBIer's websites. For this reason I am hesisating on purchasing. Sounds exciting, but not sure if it will meet my web needs. Also, am I correct when you have to pay every year to maintain membership or is it to maintain ownership of your site. One more, am I able to move my site to another host if I choose?
Thanks in advance.

[SBI is definiteely not just for affiliate sites. I emphasize the affiliate aspect because I'm an affiliate talking to affiliates. A wide variety of types of sites have been built using SBI. You can see many examples here:
The annual subscription fee includes web hosting and access to all the tools, private forum, etc. You can move your site to another host if you choose. I haven't tried doing that. I think it would be easier to do if you've created the site using Dreamweaver or Frontpage rather the SBI template "training wheels" system. SBI enables you to build sites both ways. If you have any doubts at all you can phone, chat or email an SBI Advisor here:
Said this on October 6, 2008 At 04:19 pm
How are we doing out there, I really like the plan outlined in this article and I'm ready to get going. there's just one little problem right now (I don't want to make my own product at this time) I just want to do Clickbank Review Campaign. How would i go about doing this with the outlined plan.

[This case study wasn't carried out using our own product. SBI can be used to build websites to sell virtually anything. I'm sorry, but I'm not really familiar with the Clickbank Review Campaign, but I suggest that you ask your question in our friendly forum. Someone there is almost certain to be able to help you with an answer.

Said this on October 30, 2008 At 10:54 am
Okay, so I tried and if you give them your credit card and rack up a $5K-$10K they will hold your hand, otherwise it was ok. I took my site down because ultimately they called and hawked you to get the training and promise big dollars, which I don't believe a word. Now I'm here, haven't brought it yet, but definitely don't see myself in the corporate world that much longer, I really want to make this work, so I can pick up and live elsewhere. I'm a newbie but get the jist of what this is about. I just want to get more ideas before I start. Good luck to all. Wish me the same!

[Not a lot of luck is needed. If you're determined enough and persistent enough, and learn something new every day and actually DO something to build your business every day, you'll make a success of it. Allan.]
Said this on August 16, 2009 At 02:36 pm
Hi Allan,
I am from India, I have been researching on SBI for last two months and I am a regular visitor of Lisa's ( website and now I am here really impressed by these two case studies. Me and my friend is planning to buy a SBI site, he is really mad about car, car accessories and anything about luxury cars, he is a regular writer for few local newspaper auto editions and recently he had a tv show as well. But, he is just doesn't know anything about online marketing and all the online stuffs. I know well about internet marketing and I am mad about internet, I am very much interested to have a SBI site on my interest i.e online entrepreneur consultant where I can promote SBI (I can see great chance for SBI in India) and few other stuffs, not really "money making opportunities on internet" (or does it fall in that?)

Now we are confused where to start, whether with my online nich or car reviews? We couldn't find any car accessories affiliate programs in your recommended list.

We should get normal $299 SBI or e-learning SBI?

This would be highly obliged if you could suggest on this.

[If you haven't already done so, I suggest you carefully study Ken Evoy's free Affiliate Masters Course
It contains lots of good advice on choosing a niche. Sometimes you can slice off a sub-niche. Perhaps a site aimed specifically at people in India might work. I don't know. Before you consider starting a site, carefully study your market and your potential competition. I live in Australia and New Zealand, but I usually prefer to create sites aimed mainly at America, Canada and the UK, because that's where most of the money is. However, they'll be huge growth in India over the next few decades. Perhaps you could catch that wave. Our affiliate directory contains many thousands of affiliate programs, but you can find more good affiliate programs by doing searches on Google. If after doing careful reading and research you still feel that you need hand-holding, then the SBI elearing course would be a very good choice. It's more expensive, but it will increase your chance of success. Allan.]
Said this on August 17, 2009 At 03:51 am
Hi Allan,

Thanks a lot for the advice. I will definitely start reading Ken Evoy's Affilate Masters Course; however, recently I was going through your Affiliate Program Tutorial in and I found that you are referring Rosalind Gardner's Super Affiliate Handbook and SBI as well, but still I think SBI would be better option for my car review site (correct me if I am wrong and please note that I haven't done any research on Super Affiliate Handbook)and meanwhile I can have a wordpress site with "Thesis" for my online niche, could you please suggest on this?

[I like Rosalind's book. It's suitable for independent-minded people who want to do things their own way. I haven't tried Thesis. If you choose to go the WordPress route you'll need to find a really good tutor to help you build a successful business. WordPress is just a very useful tool. In contrast, SBI is a complete package - a LOT of very useful tools and a lot of of very helpful training in one place. Allan.]
Said this on August 21, 2011 At 12:47 pm

Hi Allan,

I am impressed with SBI and the case study. I am doing my best to follow AMC by Ken Evoy in my pursuit for luck. My question is as follows: Is it a good idea to register one domain name like "" and proceed with several subdomain names for keyword optimizations such as ",2 etc"? To be honest, I can not afford all 5-6 websites, So, I am planning to go with one. If I had an opportunity I would defenitely buy SBI package and go with it letter by letter. I hope some day this will be possible. Hope for your help. 

Said this on August 22, 2011 At 03:50 am
Hi Bahti,
Yes, I believe it's very good long-term plan to aim to own a cluster of websites that are in some way related. You could make it a 2-year, or even 5-year plan.

You wouldn't proceed to the next site on your list until your first was generating useful revenue.

However, keep in mind that while some affiliates build a bunch of sites, others start off with a plan like this but then become so deeply involved with the first, successful, site that they decide to concentrate all their attention and skills on one site.
Said this on August 26, 2011 At 12:16 pm

Thanks for your quick reply

I have already build one website and had some revenues from there (not regular though), visitors (10-15 unique v per day). However, I only bought the hosting plan for 1 year so I could not afford to carry on with further payments for hosting and domain name. Now, I am going to have a 5 year hosting plan and 5 year domain name registration. I am still keeping my website offline and will activate it a.s.a.p. So you are right 5 year plan at least.


Thank you guys

Said this on August 27, 2011 At 03:00 am
Hi Bahti, If you're getting only 10 to 15 visitors a day from your SBI site, something's dreadfully wrong. I suggest you really need to carefully re-read the Action Guide and take notes.

There's not much point in devoting time, money and energy building more sites until you've learned how to build one site successfully.
Said this on October 9, 2011 At 12:14 am


How can I get SBI? I wanted to purchase it but I don't have yet a credit / master card. I can only arrange payment for SBI thru the ANZ Bank. I have been reading a lot on SBI and I am convinced and now wanting to buy it.

Said this on October 9, 2011 At 08:21 pm
Hi Angireti, Good choice! Just go to SiteSell and contact support. They'll make other arrangements for you.
Said this on October 31, 2011 At 02:16 pm

I purchased my SBI in July, and now 4 months later, I have 77 pages posted. SBI is a fantastic program!

My other site - the old-fashioned expensive way (designer, etc) cost thousands of dollars and gets less traffic than my SBI site!

And I've barely scratched the surface with my SBI site in terms of linkbuilidng, CO2 submissions, more content, etc.

I love the community, the forum is very supportive and encouraging and you learn something new every day. My favorite part is being able to put on my SBI blinders, forget the rest about the web and keep moving forward.

If you want you can take a peek at my site:

Said this on February 1, 2012 At 02:38 pm

Can someone be honest and really say how money they've made with SBI (through ads or otherwise). I'm thinking of buying the software and hosting, but I'm somewhat skeptical.


Said this on February 1, 2012 At 07:29 pm
Hi Eduardo

You can find many more enthusiastic SBI case studies here:
Said this on May 2, 2012 At 12:24 am
I was an SBI user and I agree with the points by Toban. I watned to get rid of it just shortly after a few months of signing up but kept it just to give it a chance. Anyhow, SBI is a let down for me. It is way too costly and simply not worth it. Yes. SBI does have its good point, which is mostly the education. SBI is useful only to those who have not the slightest clue on how to setup, make, and host a website. There are some informative videos and guides which walk you through the basics like constructing your HTML site, search engine optimization tips, keyword research, search engine submission, monetizing etc.However, if you know some basics of (or are diligent enough to learn) setting up a website, ie. simple HTML, finding a decent host (much, much cheaper than SBI), submitting pages to a search engine, and keyword research all of which you can Google online for free, you can forget about SBI. With SBI you can only upload simple HTML. Yes, just simple HTML and CSS if you know basics of CSS. There is no way you can upload scripts if your site needs to be dynamic. Also, if you want your own forum, you have to host it separately under a subdomain which is troublesome and adds extra cost.In my opinion, $300 is a lot for a simple HTML site, considering that you can host a site for free (for fun/learning) or much less with any decent hosting company out there, which comes with more functions. Why pay $300 just to upload HTML and when you can Google for free for learning materials?When I was still as user, I wrote my own HTML instead of using SBI's limiting interface. Also, most of the time, it was just slow manipulating through the SBI server. This alone is annoying. In short, there are alternatives out there which can do more, better than what SBI can do, with less limitations, at much less $$$ or even free. $300 is simply too much considering the alternatives out there.
Said this on May 2, 2012 At 01:12 pm
"All these sales websites efecetivfly drown out any negative reviews in the search engine results." yup, same with other affiliate programs like Instant Article Wizard Pro.I, too, tried Site Built It late in 2005 or 2006, when I was such a newbie to the web. I got my refund before 30 days were up and cannot say that I do not regret it. I would have enjoyed all the hand holding that was part of it instead of wading the vast ocean of the web by myself.Their research tools were for me a bit hard to use and was still in the research phase after a couple of weeks (Steve Pavlina talks above progress in just days and I cannot believe that, unless you are a seasoned webmaster), and as you mentioned, a little limited in terms of design. However, their business model seems sound but I just found the $300.00 PER SITE too prohibitive at that time. Ken Evoy was then not yet talking about "building a web business" the way he is nowadays, so $300 per year for a web site was steep.I agreed with Lizzie's point that a lot of affiliates promote SBI without owning a site but I also have to say that SBI does not stop encouraging their affiliates to own a site of their own. I respect freedom of speech and I like your take on SBI, so that folks don't go in with eyes wide shut. I would still recommend it for newbies, though, because SBI does strive to deliver all the tools that one would need to get a site up and running from scratch without having to extensive research and invest time and money on trial and error methods.Thanks for allowing me to take up this much space on your blog. Keep great posts like these coming!

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