Click2Sell - The Innovative Affiliate Network

Sometimes finding the right product to promote on your website is difficult but Click2Sell have been working hard to build a business that supports both affiliates and vendors.

Since we last had a look at their services, there have been a lot of changes especially in the number of products in their marketplace. They now have more than 1400 affiliate products that you can promote with commissions of up to 95%.

Click2Sell has set out to provide an alternative to ClickBank and PayDotCom, and to try to improve on the services these other sites offer. They're making a determined effort to compete with them by providing the best tools available for vendors and affiliates.

Some of the more important features that Click2Sell promotes are:

  • You can promote any number of products
  • No limits or fees to pay
  • They have a very reliable tracking of sales system
  • You get access to 9 different real-time reports to tweak your campaigns
  • Earn commissions up to 95% for your affiliate sales
  • 100% payout guarantee commission payments, sometimes twice a week.
  • Get paid via Paypal, Moneybookers or wire transfer
  • Get credited for all upsell and downsell sales, not just initial sales
  • Unlimited affiliate commissions for recurring subscription sales.
  • Click2Sell pays out affiliates and manages refunds.

As well as providing a place to find and sell products, Click2Sell have done their best to protect both vendors and affiliates from fraud.

They’ve built a sophisticated anti-fraud system. During the last 4 years they’ve faced every type of online credit card fraud. The special anti-fraud system is based upon artificial intelligence, so they protect all their vendors and affiliates from fraudulent customers via credit card and PayPal.  At the same time they protect all vendors from affiliate scammers. So they protect all members’ sales from online fraud.

Click2Sell have done a great job on their product interface. It’s certainly much easier to read than many other sites. You can search or browse through all of the categories of products quite simply. As you look at the list, you can see clear descriptions, price, earn %, conversion % and links to more details or straight through to the campaign links and banners.

 affiliate network products

It couldn’t be more simple to understand!

For AFFILIATES Looking For Products To Promote

click2sell affiliiates
Things you should know as an affiliate:

  • 100% affiliate commission payment guarantee. All affiliate commission payments are made by Click2Sell, so affiliates can be assured that they will always be paid on time.
  • All affiliates are paid WEEKLY - every Tuesday (compared with only once a month as it was earlier).
  • Affiliates can be paid via Paypal, Moneybookers or a direct wire-transfer payment.
  • Click2Sell provide the Click2Sell Marketplace XML feed so product promotion can be automated.
  • Send visitors directly to product's checkout page - bypass a landing page or use your own landing page.
  • No payment threshold - you get paid even if you make a single sale.
  • Get paid in any currency you want: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD or AUD.

Like any affiliate product directory, the best place to start is with a quick dig around. The Click2Sell interface is clean and easy to understand. Type in a search phrase or browse the catalog. If you decide to search, you can also set the "Sort by" field to bring back results based upon rank, $ per sale, etc. Click the Search button and you get neat list of matching products.

One thing though, scroll down to see the results because, depending on your browser, you won’t necessarily see them on the first screen. Personally, I would compress that top section to show the results and remove the Browse section.

 click2sell search

So after typing in your search, you’ll get a page of results ranked in order of sales. Honestly, they’ve done a great job keeping this list clean and easy to read. Much better than ClickBank in my opinion.


Upon clicking on the More Info link, you come to a page which gives information such as:

Vendor Name:     Joe Smith
Vendor Pays Via:     Paypal
Vendor Rank:     0.0%
Product Price:     29.0 USD for first 30 days
39.0 USD every 30 days
Earn %:         40.00%
Earn USD:         10.80 / 12.00 USD
Date Added:         01-10-2010

Product Statistics

Conversion %:     0.28%
Refund %:         10.00%
Affiliate Sales %:     90.00%
Popularity:         2.23%


If you choose the Promote link, and are signed in, you’ll be taken to a page with all the affiliate links and banner codes. As with adding any affiliate product to your site, you can use the straight affiliate link or one pre-written for you.

 promote affiliate products

After installing your links, all you need to do is either login or click the Report link and you’ll get taken to your control panel where all the latest sales are shown including product statistics. It’s a nice clean interface - easy to read, easy to understand. The menu across the top also allows you 1 click access to daily, conversion, referral, refund, transactions, and keyword reports.

 affiliate stats

Essentially, for an affiliate, Click2Sell have put a lot of effort into building a business that supports you, provides easy access to products and makes it easy to track your success.

For VENDORS Who Want Their Products Promoted

While ClickBank promotes only digital products, Click2Sell - like PayDotCom - allows vendors to sell digital products, physical products and subscription-based products such as membership sites.

They give vendors a free account with an unlimited number of products. In comparison, ClickBank charges $49.95 and PayDotCom offers a free account charges a one-time $29 activation fee if you want to add more than 1 product.

Click2Sell's transaction fees vary from $1 to $3 (US) per transaction which are quite reasonable. They now allow vendors to use “Verified by Visa” and “Mastercard SecureCode”, a special security layer that helps you to reduce more than 74% of chargebacks.

There are 3 fee structures depending on how you wish to use their system. Which one you choose when promoting your products will depend on what features you need.

Private system fees - Accept payments directly to PayPal and your other merchant accounts (over 10 supported payment processors).

The vendor gets payments from customers directly to their account and completely controls their own affiliate program – affiliate commissions and Click2Sell fees are paid by Vendor. Private system fees depend on the price of product which is sold
Hybrid system fees - this is a combination of both worlds (PRIVATE and COMPLETE).

The vendor processes payments directly to their vendor or PayPal account (money from sales is available immediately), but at the same time Click2Sell handles affiliate commission payments.

Complete system fees - Click2Sell sells your product and accepts credit card and PayPal payments. Click2Sell pays out your affiliates.

The Complete Affiliate Management System is an all-in-one e-commerce payment processing and affiliate marketing system that enables vendors to accept credit card and PayPal payments from customers online. The only thing you need is a digital product or service to sell.

Click2Sell evolved from only a system that allowed only one selling mode into a huge system that now allows the full flexibility to process payments and pay out affiliates in any way you want.

Another great feature is the Subscriptions management system which has been improved dramatically. Now they allow all types of subscription products to be sold - they even allow trial memberships for $0.00. Very handy if you’re setting up a loss leader entry level.

Advanced Tracking for Affiliates and Vendors

The advanced statistical tracking provided in Click2Sell works well for both vendors and affiliates.

As a vendor, you’re able to see how many views, visitors and conversions your sales letter has, as well as refund rates and all income made.

As an affiliate, you can create different tracking channels to test different traffic sources and their profitability. You can also track which keywords bring sales.

All vendors and affiliates are able to track every keyword which brings them views, visitors and sales on a Keyword Report. You can quickly define which keywords were used to find your site, how many visitors each brought and how many sales were made through stats similar to Google Analytics.

Tracking your pay-per-click campaigns is also possible. “All members can see which keywords from their Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and FindWhat bring the most visitors and sales. You can even track the conversion ratio for each keyword.”

As a vendor, you’ll be able to track every aspect of an affiliate’s performance - how many views, visitors and sales each of them bring, how many affiliates promote your product, how many of them are active.

I haven't listed every feature here but on the website you can find answers to most questions covering why you should join Click2Sell and I’m sure that the team there will help you in any way that they can.

Make $$$ Referring People to Click2Sell

You can also earn commissions by referring affiliates and vendors to Click2Sell. They’ll pay you 30% of every transaction fee paid to Click2Sell once a sale is made by a vendor or affiliate you referred - as long as their account stays active.

So who are Click2Sell?

Click2Sell is owned by UAB Pharmservis. Egidijus Andreika, who is one of six people who own shares in the business, has always been helpful whenever we’ve been in contact.

He says they’ve been involved in the affiliate marketing industry since 2003, mostly with affiliate programs and custom software projects. We first reviewed their services back in 2007 and they’re still going strong.

Starting out creating custom software has allowed them to gain valuable knowledge, which has then been used to create features that their competitors lack. They're constantly working on more changes and improvements.

Can a company based in Europe successfully do battle with ClickBank and PayDotCom? We'll see, but so far they seem to be growing consistently. When you consider that there are hundreds of affiliate networks, it seems a smart move to position yourself as an alternative to ClickBank.

They’ve worked really hard in the last 4 years (since the launch) listening to what vendors and affiliates need and then adjusting the system to meet their suggestions.

“We think that we have made a really great system. We always do our best to listen to our members and use all information to improve our services,” he says.

Sounds like a pretty good attitude for a company looking to be the best.

Sign up for a free Click2Sell account today and have a look through their services for both affiliates and venders. They might just have that product you’ve been looking to promote!

July 5, 2011

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Comments (9)

Said this on July 28, 2011 At 11:50 am
Hello Brad,
Click2sell could be what I have been looking for. The no threshold payment could be the important point for a lot of people who don't have a huge amount of traffic or sales. I'll join them and see how it goes.
Thanks for the article.

sunny ajao
Said this on July 30, 2011 At 05:05 am
Hi Brad, Click2sell seems to be the tools i have been looking for and i hope it will become more profitable. I hope the payment solution will not be a problem to me Nigeria. Am ready to become the agent. thanks Sunny ajao
Said this on August 3, 2011 At 04:49 pm
Very good program. just for note make sure your website is allowable for their terms.
Said this on September 13, 2011 At 07:39 am

Does Click2sell have a mechanism for cloaking affliate links to protect affiliates from losing their commisions?

Said this on September 14, 2011 At 09:06 pm
I don't think so. You'd need to ask the company to be 100% sure.

I have seen a Click2Sell article recommending affiliates use .htaccess redirects for cloaking affiliate links. That's what I do.
Said this on February 27, 2012 At 10:20 am

I have never had much success with Clickbank so this might be better. The small amount I made with Clickbank went back to them in fees.

Said this on May 21, 2012 At 08:03 am

I have been using click2sell as a vendor and affiliate for 2 years now. I read a few negative comments about them before I joined. These were mainly from die hard Clickbank fans so I decided to give them a try.

I have never had a problem and think they are leaps and bounds better than Clickbank (who I also use).

For my smaller affiliate they are just great. They get paid when they make a sale. No cheques, no minimum payout and no losing your money to the network.

I highly recommend them.

Said this on May 21, 2012 At 06:41 pm

Hi Steve, Thanks very much for the update. It's good to know Click2Sell is working well for you.

Said this on December 3, 2012 At 12:07 pm

I used ClickBank with my old company and had a similar experience to another commenter, i'll be looking into Click2sell now.

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