Adsense Competitors and Alternatives

AdSense competitors come and go.

PPCProfitMachine and Affiliate Sensor appear to be defunct.

Adbrite, Chitika and Bidvertiser seem to be survivors.

Affiliate Power Ads


Russell Brunson's Affiliate Power Ads are text ads with graphics.

You have a say in what is advertised. Here's a sample...

CBProsense ads

CPProsense is free to join. They make money by placing one of their ads in your display. This is a contextual ad delivery system. The products delivered match the page content. Here's a sample...

These AdSense competitors are well worth checking out - especially considering that you can easily use Affiliate Power Ads to replace AdSense PSA ads.

Other AdSense alternatives include ContextAd, Proogle, Adhearus, InfoGrabber, Bidvertiser, DynamiContext, AdBrite, BidClix, Oxado, Veoda, Chitika, Findit-Quick and clixGalore.

January 31, 2006

Comments (24)

Said this on October 7, 2006 At 09:10 am
Very good, can I use them in my website with adsense here ?

[From time to time, Google has changed the wording of its rules about this. To stay up to date you really need to keep an eye on the AdSense Terms of Service. Today, October, 2006, Google says in its policies: "We do not permit Google ads or search boxes ... to be published on web pages that also contain what could be considered competing ads or services. If you have elected to receive contextually-targeted Google ads, this would include all other contextually-targeted ads or links on the same page as Google ads." Allan.]
Said this on October 10, 2006 At 10:06 pm
I use cbprosense togther with adsense. Getting excellent results from both.
Said this on October 13, 2006 At 03:43 am
Other good PPC sites are Searchfeed, RevenuePilot and LinkaNova
Said this on August 7, 2007 At 03:27 pm
Can I able to use it in my site currently I am using adsense

[Yes. Allan.]
Said this on October 3, 2007 At 03:59 pm
Somebody should mention Yahoo Publisher Network (ok I will) which will likely end up being Google's biggest competitor. If for no other reason, this will happen because of their tremendous, although fading, brand power.

Unfortunately I can't use this program because I have an adult site. I will be checking out Adbrite and ClixGalore which appear to be adult site friendly.
Thanks for the contact info!

[It's only for U.S. folk so far. Allan.]
Said this on October 26, 2007 At 12:18 am

The best adsense alternative would be ""

They have an amazing interactive ppc ad that make more money than most ads.

Said this on June 5, 2008 At 01:16 am
R u Looking for AdSense Alternatives? Here is a reference guide to the most interesting alternative solutions to monetizing your online content with contextual ads.
Visit this nice site for details
Said this on June 28, 2008 At 01:58 pm
Yahoo YPN: The best adsense alternative, but is open only for US publishers. If you are residing outside US, then you can give a try to Bidvertiser or Adbrite. You can get some detail review at

If you have a blog then you can use 1. Pay Per Post, 2. Sponsored Reviews or 3. Review Me to boost up your earnings. Just google these keywords to know more.
Said this on July 2, 2008 At 09:41 am
You have given me a very useful article. Thanks. My article about adsense alternative is here
Said this on September 15, 2008 At 09:12 pm
The first two adsense alternatives are now defunct! I am currently trying Affiliate Power Ads on for size, but so far I'm not very impressed. There ads are not very well targeted and the only products they seem to sell are other get rich quick gimicks which don't appeal to my users. Also how is it that you can control what ads appear? Furthermore they do not respond to technical support emails and they want me to sign up for a quadrillion other affiliate programs that I'm not sure I trust.
Niyazi Unugur
Said this on October 10, 2008 At 05:59 pm
I think the best alternative for both adsense and adwords is AdToll . You will see dramatic increase in your earnings. The other great news is today AdToll is acquired by US company.
Tech News
Said this on October 14, 2008 At 01:02 am
Thanks for sharing this info. It really helpful
R Kumar
Said this on October 23, 2008 At 06:46 am
Google Adsense has changed its policy for approving the account. Its terms and conditions have become very rigid and extremely impossible to follow as they are unreasonable.

They say that google ad codes are given only to owners of the sites that are registered with independent domain names and not tagged with free sites like Google wants the independent sites to be operational for at least six months before the application is sent for Adsense account approval. All these are unreasonable conditions.

Please suggest some alternative google adsense sites that accept free websites with tag for earning ad income.
Said this on December 20, 2008 At 11:39 am
I am using Affiliate ad wizard, it gives the opportunity to place adsense like ads both with clickbank products and CPA offers. I think it is the best alternative one who are really serious about making money online.
Said this on December 28, 2008 At 10:11 am

I will be new to Adsense. So please help me understand the matter of competitor
Said this on March 7, 2009 At 10:53 am
you can make money from many sources i have a blog and i have explained more than 20 types of online business systems please check it
Said this on March 16, 2009 At 07:04 pm
GoGoHub will come out with their own ads this week. People can literally choose what zipcodes they want to be in. This will make it much more cost-effective for PPC.

I'm not sure if they are allowing publishers to use the ads yet...
Kasra Aylin
Said this on September 16, 2009 At 06:27 pm
Hi Allan
to earning money should I use just adsense in my website or other PPC systems could be hopeful to use?
Thanks a lot

[Google's AdSense is so far ahead of all the rest that it doesn't really have serious competition. Start with AdSense. It's against the AdSense rules to build a site purely for AdSense revenue. Your site should have some other purpose, for example, promoting affiliate products and promoting your own newsletter, which gives you the opportunity of repeat visitors and repeat sales. Allan.]
Said this on October 16, 2009 At 01:13 pm
Great article and great site Allan, thanks

I started a blog and got kicked off AdSense after about a week; I suspect over-exuberant clicking from friends and family, particularly teenage kids! Since people known to me are the most likely readers of my blog, can you suggest a reasonable alternative to AdSense?

BTW I'm UK-based.

Thank you

Marcus Whitfield

[I've bad news for you. Here's the 2009 update: There is no real alternative to AdSense. It's in a class of its own, way out in front. Grovel. Go back to AdSense and plead ignorance. Plead for another chance. If you write convincingly and sincerely enough, perhaps AdSense will give you another chance. Sometimes it does. Allan.]
Said this on March 31, 2010 At 02:47 am
I am using TLVmedia.
eCPM are ok, after I got kicked off by google...
Said this on June 21, 2010 At 07:12 am
Believe Microsoft has a decent alternative although it's still Beta and only open to US website owners at the moment. Yahoo YPN died of course. Seems like the only competition for AdSense is going to be another huge corporate household name.

Have tried most of the services listed in this thread and not one even comes close to AdSense. Some of the above ones are not even PPC programs but in fact affiliate programs. Those that are PPC I have tried many and are not contextual (not very well) and mostly show get rich quick ads.

Still looking myself ....

Said this on March 3, 2011 At 07:34 am
Not many alternatives here, I hoped to see more.
Said this on November 16, 2011 At 09:51 am

I have very low click through ratio. Can anyone know of impression based advertising network?

Said this on November 24, 2011 At 12:08 am

Does the page loading speed affect adsense CPC rates?

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