23 Ways To Be A Better Blogger

Associate Programs Newsletter #434

Is blog posting bogging you down? Don't miss our 23 innovative ways to be a better blogger!


1. Jump Start Your Blog Post Productivity
2. Does Your Website Have A Use-By Date?
3. PPC University - The Degree You WANT To Have!
4. Thought For Today: What Makes A Great Blog?           

1. Jump Start Your Blog Post Productivity

Are you finding it hard to get "in the zone" when writing articles or blog posts?

Check out these 23 tips for making sure that the time you spend writing is as productive as possible.

How To Maximize Your Blog Post Writing Productivity


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2. Does Your Website Have A Use-By Date?

Rapid technological advances are changing the online landscape. Will these put your affiliate website in the firing line?

Check out Part 1 of our new series here:

Are Static Websites A Dying Breed?

3. PPC University - The Degree You WANT To Have!

If you've given up, or are too scared to start using PPC in your affiliate business, you're crippling your earning potential.

When I was asked late last year what my top 3 online business models were, PPC affiliate marketing was in there.

As I discussed, if there ever was such a thing as a legitimate get rich quick scheme online, this would be the closest thing to it.

It's not for everyone, but if you've got an analytical mind, this is the best way to ramp up your profits quickly.

Unlike most other methods of driving traffic, PPC is like a tap you can simply turn on and people start showing up to your site.

It's completely controlled and measurable.

Yes, it can be difficult. But in my mind, that is a good thing. It stops people who aren't willing to learn from competing on the same level you can.

In this game, if you're armed with better information, tools and strategies you can win. In PPC, you can win big.

Some of our SpeedPPC customers are earning 50k+ a day in profits.

All through driving traffic using PPC to affiliate offers.

If you're not doing PPC, and have an analytical inclination, your doing yourself a disservice.

If you DO want to get into the game, I highly recommend you align yourself with someone who can show you the blueprint so you don't waste your own money learning. Use their experience (and burned through cash) to shortcut yourself into profitability.

Arguably the best PPC training on the planet is PPC Classroom.

They have really stepped up and taken this seriously with a learning platform similar to online universities. They've got a whole faculty focused on helping you maximize your

Including a $2.4 million super affiliate.

They've just opened their course for a new batch of undergraduates with a completely updated and revised curriculum and toolsets. This ensures that you're on the cutting edge
and can dominate your competitors.

The results from the last group of students speak for themselves, generating close to $7,000,000.

Thankfully the course doesn't cost anything like that of a normal university. Plus I reckon many of the graduates will make more than most regular graduates as well! :)

If you think you could use a blueprint to ramp up your affiliate commissions, you should definitely check it out.

They have a $1 trial to ensure you're happy before you proceed.

If you sign up though our affiliate link (and go beyond the $1), we'll send you a $400 PPC bonus pack with many of our own tools and resources to help you go to the top of the class. :)

You'll love it. Don't forget to clear your cookies first and click this link.

[UPDATE: PPC Classroom is closed to new students. Here's another very good PPC education option, which is free and is REAL education, not junk. It's by a trusted name in the industry, Perry Marshall, who's THE expert on AdWords. 5 Days to Success With Google AdWords is a 5-day free email course. Perry tells you things like how to consistently pay less for Google traffic, how to make money with affiliate programs, and he shares a strategy that reduces your risk while increasing your profit. Make sure you download his Google AdWords Cheat Sheet. Highly recommended.]

4. Thought For Today: What Makes A Great Blog?

"Don't focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that's great for your readers." - Brian Clark.


All the best

Allan Gardyne and Sally Evans

November 5, 2009

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Said this on November 16, 2009 At 03:23 pm
Agree with having a blog focus on readers mind, by not just having a great blog but really helpful blog for all your readers, im sure you'll be on your way to become a better blogger
Said this on November 22, 2009 At 04:26 pm
Nice blogging tips. I love blogs as I use them to get back links by commenting. :)

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